Help! The bugs are driving me crazy!

Help! The bugs are driving me crazy!

Help! The bugs are driving me crazy!

They are known as “bed bugs”  and have become a real plague that, in some cities have even become a concern for public authorities.How can these insects affect our health and how can we protect ourselves from them?

They have existed for hundreds of years and over time they have become resistant to pesticides. Some think that combating them is the job of expert fumigators and that trying to exterminate them on their own is destined to fail. But what are these insects and why do they attract so much attention?

They are known as “bed bugs” in English, domestic bed bugs or simply bed bugs and look like tiny cockroaches mixed with ticks, but they are actually parasites that feed on blood, usually human, but can also attack chickens and other animals.

To get their food they usually bite people while they sleep, that’s why they are sometimes called “bed bugs,” since they only activate during the night and during the day they hide from sunlight. Their bites leave marks similar to those of mosquitoes.

Help! The bugs are driving me crazy!
Help! The bugs are driving me crazy!

How can you tell if the bites are from bed bugs?

To distinguish them, a key fact is that, in general, bed bugs attack the face, neck, arms and shoulders, and do not sting behind the knees or in the armpits. You can also find tiny bloodstains on the bedding.

The marks are presented by a reaction of the skin to the saliva of insects and may take up to 9 days to appear. And while some people do not even get marks, others may cause discomfort to sleep and other major problems, basically caused by allergic reactions, such as large welts, swelling or inflammation. Even in more severe cases, bed bug bitescan cause respiratory problems and are related to asthma attacks .

To determine if your home is infected with bed bugs, one of the first signs could be the bites that appear in one of the residents of the house. You could also find bedbugs attached to furniture, mattresses or other hiding places. Although you can not see them, you could smell a moist and sweet smell in the place infected by them.

One of the main myths about bed bugs is that they drill holes in the wood. This is impossible because their mouth is similar to that of mosquitoes, so they can not bite or break anything, they just bite. In addition, they are quite lazy and, although they can climb and move from one room to the other, they generally remain in the same place for a long time. Bedbugs can live up to a year hidden in the same place without having to feed themselves!

Also, it is a lie to think that bed bugs will not reach clean places. They like blood and are attracted by human warmth and carbon dioxide, so dirt does not change their presence, they can be anywhere, from very dirty corners to offices and luxury hotels.

Fortunately, bedbugs do not transmit diseases. However, the truth is that they can become a real torment for anyone and have come to generate nervous breakdowns in some people, who begin to sleep badly and become obsessed with the idea that bedbugs, these little animals can feed on their blood during the night.

If you see bedbugs in your home , before you get distressed, look for some fumigation service that offers guarantees and tries to eradicate them as soon as possible, to go back to sleep peacefully.

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